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Mystic Benefits:
  • The positive energy of Protect - Car makes your neuro- body control better.
  • Pyramid power helps to take clear decision at crucial moments and balance
           your mind.
  • Protects from evil energy of place, time and environment.
  • Improves awareness level, concentration and reflex action.

Easy to Use:
  • Fix it on your dash board of your car with an adhesive tape provided.
  • Your personal program acts better due to Pyramid Yantra and Gold pyramid
           chip in the center.
  • For optimum results;close your eye, repeat your wish before starting your

Secret Features:
  • Added power 8 copper and 1 gold pyramid chips.
  • Accepted Worldwide.
  • Four directionally interacting copper traingles on the top.
  • Can be also used in the other vehicles like truck, bus, auto and taxi.
Empowers you vehicle with positive energy shield for accident safety !
           Spiritual safe guard with Pynergy.

For More Support: info@bhrigujyotish.com
Office No.: +91-9839469785
Home No.: +91-9369165908


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