•   Super MAX(with 4 directional and center gold power)

This advance new Multier Max is precisely developed by world-renowned Pyra Vastu founder, A K Pandey to maximize your pyra vastu results for more health & prosperity. Better result in Pyra Vastu obtained by it, are not only by accurate dimensions but also superfine tuning done by Grand Masters. Also vibratory frequency of each layers & all well matched components gives tremendous power to maximize its efficiency.
Ideal for vastu correction in flat, rooms & house. As Multier Max has power of nine original Multier Pyramids, you can use frequently for big projects like Factory Land, Farm & Hospital etc. It can be used in multiple of 9 such as 9, 18, 27... depends upon the area & strength of problem.

  •   Energy 9x9(Pynergy for house, shop and office)
This special Energy 9x9 energy enhancer improves the flow of energy in your home & brings good chi in the whole house. It is used in various fengshui & vastu correction methods & has many numerous uses, you can place on the wall of your home, shop or office.
Very easy to use; place the plate between your two hands and personalize for the purpose, then hang on a screw or stick with a double side tape.
w Enriched with Pyra grid power 6561
w Now also programmed with 9 cosmic energy FaMaa discs at the bottom.
w 'Lotus Yantra' at the center with Eight directional benefits.
w Add power of Gold pyramid in the center.
  •   Wish Pyramid - Advance(your personal wish machine)

A hugely successful Wish 9x9 machine is a new way to make your dream and wishes come true. Due to it's special 9x9 Pyramid top it has more power to enhance your wish. The innovative concept of 'Copper Wish Chamber' is introduced for the first-time to get accurate and fast result. A 'Pre-programmed' gold disc is inbuilt at the bottom plate, so you can make it more personalized by charging.
Just write your wish on a piece of paper and place in the dome.
As approved by millions, Pyramid Yantra Wish 9x9 is one of the most personal, effective and easy way.

Pyramid Yantra
                                Vastu Pyramid

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